Our Promise

We believe that we have a responsibility to each
customer who puts their trust in us. To fulfill that
responsibility we promise that each and every
product we offer accomplishes these three goals:

1. Effective

Each of our comprehensive weight management
solutions is designed by experts, based on the very
latest and most accurate research available and
extensively tested in the real world to provide safe,
significant and dramatic results for the whole

2. Practical

We believe that starvation or fad dieting is neither
practical nor healthy and understand that
people cannot and will not change every aspect of
their lives to lose weight. We believe that any pro-
gram that you can't do for the rest of your life isn't
worth doing for one day. Because of that, every one
of our programs is designed to fit into your lifestyle
so that you and your whole family can not only get
lean and healthy but also learn the healthy habits
that will allow you to stay that way for the rest of
your life.

3. Guaranteed Results

We believe that when a customer puts their trust in
us, particularly with something as important as
their health and the health of their family, that we
have an overriding responsibility to fulfill our prom-
ise and make sure they get results. That is why,
unlike any other mainstream providers of weight
loss programs, every one of our programs is
backed with a money back guarantee.

Either you get results or you don't have to pay for
the program. How can we make such and unprec-
edented guarantee? Because our programs work.
(See individual products for details.)

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      Our Company

For over a decade, Provida Life Sciences has been the nation's leading provider of comprehensive
in-home education-based fat loss programs. Founded in 2000, Provida has generated over $600
millions in revenue while providing practical, effective weight loss solutions to more than three million

With a fully vertically integrated operation, Provida is able to ensure the integrity of every aspect of the
customer experience and thereby maximize each person's chances for a dramatic life change. From
an in-house product development team with more than 40 years experience developing
fat loss, exercise and wellness products, to internal advertising, design and production departments,
through manufacturing, media buying, telemarketing, fulfillment all the way down to a customer
service department populated by specially trained fat loss specialists who are experts in our prod-
ucts and committed to helping every one of our customers reach their goal - every interaction is
carefully controlled by the company to provide the very best chance of success for our customers.

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A Platform for a Healthier America

Provida markets and distributes all of its programs direct-to-consumer through half-hour long televi-
sion programs, conventional TV commercials, the internet, print, and other direct response channels
and leverages its unprecedented amounts of direct response media to educate consumers about
healthy eating. Over the past ten years this company has spent on average more than $30 Million
dollars a year in television media making us one of the largest advertisers of single products and/or
product categories in the world. Each week we broadcast, on average, 800 hours of television, which
means we air more hours of television than ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox COMBINED!

This remarkable and extensive platform gives us the ability to build brands with a speed that few
others can match; allowing us to go from $0 revenue sales in 2001 to average sales of nearly $50 million
in less than a year (averaging $40-$60 between our brands each year) and making
stars of our endorsers along the way. As a case in point, Michael Thurmond, who had a small, exclu-
sive clinic in Santa Monica, known to few outside his circle of high-profile clients, was catapulted to
national fame via our extensive media campaigns, resulting in Michael securing a position as Body
Makeover Specialist on ABC's Extreme Makeover television show, as well as a deal for a series of
books from Time Warner based on our program which, driven by our extensive TV media platform,
became New York Times best sellers within weeks of their releases.

This is but one example of the power of our channel of distribution to rapidly build a brand that, in
turn, has helped hundreds of thousands of people get lean, get healthy and be happy. This is the
power of our media to change the world.

Today we use that power and reach to help American families lose weight, get fit and improve their
health. Tomorrow we will provide the practical solutions to improve all aspects of their lives and help
people, throughout the world, unlock their greatest potential so they can create the happy, meaningful
and fulfilling lives that they deserve.

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