Our Guarantee

We believe that when a customer puts their trust in us, particularly with something as important as their health and the health of their family, that we have an overriding responsibility to fulfill our promise and make sure they get results. That is why, unlike any other mainstream provider of weight loss programs, every one of our programs is backed with a money back guarantee.

Either you get results or you don't have to pay for the program. How can we make such an unprecedented guarantee? Because our programs work. (See individual products for details.)


Our Brands

More than 6 Million Americans put their trust in Provida to better their lives — Simply put, our programs work.


The Food Lovers Fat Loss System is the latest addition to the Provida family's line of products, the Food Lovers Fat Loss System is the culmination of more than 15 years of research and real world testing, combining the latest science with the practical, real world experience of more than five million clients.

It's a simple, practical approach that combines smart nutrition, daily motiva tion, and fun, effective exercise into an easy to follow, step-by-step program specifically designed to provide simple and lasting results for the whole family.

The key differentiator between Food Lovers and other weight loss programs is that users can lose weight without giving up their favorite foods! In fact, on this program, users learn to use their favorite foods to actually help them lose weight. Using this approach, generally acknowledged by the medical community to be a more sane and practical solution to weight loss and long-term healthy living than other options, the Food Lovers Fat Loss System takes users through a 21 day transformation of their eating lifestyle. Consumers learn how to make simple, practical, yet effective changes to how they eat their favorites foods, enabling them to manage their body's glycemic response to foods, while lowering caloric intake and stimulating the metabolism…All without requiring the consumption of prepackaged foods, complicated counting of calories, points or fat grams, and without starvation dieting.

Since it is essentially an education in integrating healthy nutrition in a simple and practical manner, the program is also:
  • Heart Healthy
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • Suitable for the whole family and adaptable to any eating eating preferences, including vegetarians.
Although a newcomer to the weight loss product category, launching in May of 2009, the Food Lovers Fat Loss System has enjoyed tremendous success right out of the gate.

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An evolution in fat loss, Food Lovers Online is a fully personalized, interactive online program that provides the structure, guidance and support you need to ensure that you reach your weight loss goals - without  starving and with- out giving up any of your favorite foods. You'll get up-to-the-second, personal- ized guidance that shows you exactly what to do to lose fat faster than you ever thought possible, plus get healthy and feel energized all day long.
Unlike other fat-loss programs, there's never any guessing or worry about whether you're doing it right. Your personal Fat Burning Optimizer lets you know instantly whether you're in Fat Burning Mode, and if not, tells you exactly what to do so that you are, making fat loss 100% foolproof. It's like having a Fat Loss Coach by your side at all times, walking you step-by-step to the body you want.

You'll get:
  • The 21 Day metabolism Makeover — a day-by-day, hour-by-hour guide for eating more often and using your favorite foods in healthy, balanced combinations so that your body burns fat rather than storing it
  • Instant Meal Assessments let you see at a glance whether your meal is helping you burn fat
  • Your personal Fat Burning Optimizer is a color-coded graph that makes it easy to see how close you are to your fat-burning potential and shows you simple tweaks to optimize fat burning every minute of the day
  • Personal Fat-Loss Coaching gives instant feedback on how your choices impact fat loss and guides you moment-by-moment on every aspect of getting lean, from food to sleep to exercise
  • Daily Progress Reports provide in-depth review of how you did today and specific recommendations to help you plan for tomorrow to maximize your fat loss
  • Food Lovers For Life — a complete maintenance program to help you eat healthy and balanced for life and keep the fat off ... forever!
Plus, Food Lovers Online is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and comes with a free mobile app so you're able to stay connected wherever you go!

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Employing clinically proven psychological techniques, the SMART Technique Automatic Fat Loss program is the one program that addresses what no other weight loss plan does - it helps you identify and overcome the underly- ing psychological reasons that have caused you to gain weight and pre- vented you from taking it off. The fact of the matter is, if you have tried to lose weight in the past and haven't been successful, or have lost weight only to gain it right back, it's not your fault. The problem is simply that you have psychological obstacles or deep-seated patterns of behavior and deeply ingrained habits that cause you to reach for food for comfort, give in to crav- ings, and engage in other "fat-causing" behaviors automatically, without even realizing why you are doing it, or even that you're doing it. These deeply ingrained automatic associations with food are known as "subconscious programs." And helping you identify and overcome these subconscious programs and unconscious behaviors is what the SMART Technique is all about. In fact, once you deal with the real reasons that you aren't able to lose weight - the underlying subconscious programs and automatic behaviors - weight loss will be effortless...virtually automatic.

Based on three separate clinical studies, and further confirmed with a com- prehensive double blind study of the product itself, people who use tech- niques like the SMART Technique actually achieve double the weight loss of those who use traditional diets alone. Moreover, it is also the only approach clinically proven to help keep the weight off.

An ideal companion to the nutritional education and fitness techniques provided by our other weight loss programs, the SMART Technique offers the crucial missing component needed for life-long fat loss results - addressing the psychological stumbling blocks and/or unconscious habits that lead to weight gain in the first place.

Provida created and developed the SMART Technique in conjunction with Dr. Peter Lambrou and certified clinical hypnotherapist Mary Holmes. Dr. Lam- brou is a clinical psychologist and certified medical hypnotherapist, author of the best-selling book Self-Hypnosis: The Complete Manual for Health and Self-Change, which has been translated into eight languages worldwide. He is an instructor at the University of California, San Diego, and 2008-2010 Chairman of Psychology at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, CA and is frequently invited to speak at professional organizations such as the Ameri- can Society of Bariatric Physicians 2007 Symposium; The Ken Blanchard Companies, The Anthony Robbins Companies, Apple Computers, American Airlines and many others.

Mary Holmes is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and has been in private practice in Los Angeles, California since 1992. She is co-founder of the Holmes Center for Hypnotherapy where she teaches, leads seminars and conducts therapy sessions for groups and individuals. She has appeared on numerous national and international television programs for the Discovery Health Channel, the BBC and ABC.

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